Automotive Retail

Bespoke tracking services tailored to every businesses needs.
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A cheap, practical way of structuring your business during Covid-19 and Local Lockdowns using our revolutionary trackers


Automotive Retail

Garage MOT stations, Workshops, Bodyshops,
Automotive Business, Rentals & Fleet Hire


Package Three

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Automotive Retail


Car Sales


This product is suitable for vehicles which will be in use for longer than 3 months, and are used on a regular one responsible driver scenario, such as demonstrator, service loan, delivery and rental vehicles.

  • Real-Time Tracking Service
  • Affordable £4.80 Subscription
  • Custom Naming Convention (per device)
  • Accurate Real-Time reporting

This product comes preconfigured and is easy to instal/re-install - Simply requiring an earth and live connection. Comes with clear diagrams and real-time monitoring via our tracking platform once subscribed.

*This product can be sold onwards to your customer with the opportunity of adding sales to enhance your account.


Covid 19 Package

This product is perfect for small to large automotive businesses during Covid-19 & beyond. The Covid-19 Automotive plan will provide effective customer & colleague wellbeing, reliable asset-to-asset security, no installation fees plus unlimited access to GPS Platform.

  • Product: Cyberspy OBD3
  • Plug & Play (Connects via On-board diagnostics port)
  • Inexpensive GPS Platform Subscription
  • Built-in Unplug Detection
  • Personnel & Tracker ID

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