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Fleet Tracking

Get on track for greater efficiency and zero carbon emisions
A thoroughly-researched and well-implemented telematics system can deliver the insight and information a manager needs to take informed decisions that make the fleet more cost-effective and efficient. Fleets that have benefited include a 40-vehicle fleet that is saving £400 a month in fuel costs, a company that saw a 30% increase in staff productivity and another that recorded a 20% cut in accidents and a 60% reduction in speeding.

"Nigel Underdown,
Head of Transport Advice, Energy Saving Trust"

GPS Platform Features

  • Track the live position of vehicles
  • Boost productivity and validate staff hours
  • Improve driving styles with in-depth analysis and reports
  • Know when drivers enter or leave defined zones
  • Customise location data and get email alerts
    Plan ahead with integrated vehicle maintenance reminders
  • Get timesheets for drivers and vehicles
  • Get alerts for unauthorised movement
  • Manage your fleet in real-time with our GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

Our Plans

Global Trackers offer a flexible plans to suit our customers demands, you can choose from Monthly or Yearly payment options.

GB Customers pay just £4.80 Monthly or £57.60 yearly. Inc VAT
EU customers pay just €4.73 Monthly or €56.74 yearly + Taxes.

  • Our SIMs can deliver roaming services across 172 countries through 294 networks to ensure the strongest signal available
  • Professional Tracker Bundle, Inc Unlimited SIM Data (no topping up of SIM card)
  • No Cancelation Fee or Contract
  • Your plan Covers all Data and Professional Computer Software,  
  • UK and EU Countries Only - If you require your device to work outside of the UK or EU, Please contact the Global Trackers Team.
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