CyberSpy GT3


Small and professional waterproof tracker with internal high gain GNSS/GSM antennas and high capacity internal Li-ion battery


EAN: 5060668720028




Data M2M Tracking SIM Card – 1 Month Free Subscription!

Don’t lose any records with microSD card up to 32 GB! CyberSpy GT3 will store all data in microSD card when driving in areas where GSM is not available. The CyberSpy GT3 GPS Tracker comes pre-configured with the GPS-Platform tracking platform, 1 month free subscription and M2M Data SIM card.

CyberSpy GT3 small and professional tracker is Waterproof (IP67) with an internal high gain GNSS and GSM antennas, which is able to collect device coordinates and other useful data and transfer them via GSM network to server. This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed: fleet management, water transport, motorcycle, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, personal cars and so on. CyberSpy GT3 can perform tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring engine status, controlling truck’s door etc.

New generation GSM/GNSS module
With new integrated GSM/GNSS module, your tracking experience will be better than ever before. Even higher sensitivity, faster than ever cold start and almost instant hot start ensures that your fleet will be tracked precisely.
Waterproof (IP67) case
IP67 protection class means that device is waterproof and 100% protected against solid objects like dust or sand. Such casing allows you to mount tracker to water transport, motorcycle or other transport with trust.
1-wire protocol support enables driver identification and connection of up to 4 temperature sensors. According to iButton or RFID ID you can prevent unauthorised access to your fleet. Also, temperature sensors allow monitoring of your cargo.
Integrated battery
High capacity internal Li-ion battery ensures long autonomous working hours, receive tracking data and warnings when main power source is disconnected.