Welcome to Global Trackers, the home of CyberSpy Vehicle Trackers

Using our state of the art GPS Live Tracking Platform, you can see where your vehicle is at all times,
from your PC or Mobile Device. Keep an eye on Speed, mileage etc.

Servicing - Free email alerts when you need to book your next service.
Notifications - Free email alerts if your vehicle moves out of a designated Geo-Fence zone that you've set up.
£4.80 Month inc VAT - No Contracts & No Cancelation Fees, No Extra Costs
UK and EU Only - If you require your device to work outside of the EU, Please contact the Global Trackers Team

Gift yourself or a loved one a GT1 PRO THIS Christmas

  • 24 Hours Back-up Battery
  • Immolbilisation Made Easy
  • Extended Parameter Protection